Gift experience days for kids

Keep your children entertained during the holidays with these great gift experiences for kids.

image of Coasteering for Kids

Coasteering for Kids

Wear the kids out with this fantastic half day introduction to Coasteering. On arrival for your adventure you will be given a safety briefing by your guide and told which route you will be taken on. Time for action then - getting issued with your coasteering kit a full 'steamer' wetsuit (whatever…

image of Climbing and Abseiling for Kids

Climbing and Abseiling for Kids

This experience is a great way to learn about climbing & abseiling experience for kids. Introductory sessions, from a few hours to several days, are ideal for those who want to have a go or who only do it a couple of times a year and want to be shown the best routes. A typical session at this…

image of Kids Spy Camp Special Offer

Kids Spy Camp Special Offer

Give your kids the time of their lives at spy school. They will learn how to operate hidden cameras, bugging devices and radio equipment, take part in a shoot-out using state of the art laser tag guns, dodge laser beams to crack open the safe against the clock, learn how to quick draw their pistol…

image of Kid's Karting

Kid's Karting

No matter what age you are, you can always get behind the wheel of a kart and experience the thrill of racing. Karting is the best place to start racing, it requires lots of concentration and they can be very addictive. Even at a young age you will get caught by the racing bug. For this experience…

image of Rock Climbing for Kids

Rock Climbing for Kids

There is something fun and natural about finding a route, getting to grips with rock and making progress against the obstacles it presents. 5 feet or 50 feet off the ground - the moves are the same but it is what's in your head that makes all the difference. Welcome to the high adrenaline world of…

image of Kid's Spy Camp

Kid's Spy Camp

The ultimate experience for any young secret agent. You will take part in a variety of secret agent training tasks such as learning survival skills, code breaking, pistol training and you will also have a go at the 20m sniper range using high powered air rifles fitted with telescopic sights.…


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