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image of 20 Minute Helicopter Flying Lesson

20 Minute Helicopter Flying Lesson

A helicopter flight is a fantastic chance to enjoy stunning bird's eye views of either scenic countryside or lively cities. Gain a new perspective and learn how to pilot a helicopter with a 20 minute flying lesson. After a full safety briefing, a qualified instructor will introduce all the tactical…

image of 60 Minute Extended Flying Lesson - UK Wide

60 Minute Extended Flying Lesson - UK Wide

Reach new heights with an awe-inspiring 60 minute flying lesson in a light aircraft. Soaring through the clouds, it’s the perfect opportunity to learn exhilarating techniques with the assistance of a fully qualified instructor whilst seeing the world from an extraordinary perspective. The ideal…

image of Double Land Away Flying Lesson

Double Land Away Flying Lesson

Soar high for a breathtaking aerial adventure at a choice of multiple airfields across the UK and experience an unforgettable flight as a passenger and pilot! After receiving a full briefing and tuition from an experienced pilot, climb on board the light aircraft for two 30 minute flights. Observe…

image of 30 Minute Flying Lesson for Two

30 Minute Flying Lesson for Two

Not many people get the chance to actually fly a plane themselves, but it is a truly thrilling experience and one that anyone will love to share with someone special. There is something about the freedom of being at the controls of a plane which will give any high flyer the thrill of a lifetime and…

image of Amazing Adventures Gift Box

Amazing Adventures Gift Box

Take advantage of a new adventure with a fantastic choice of exciting experiences to pick from. Enjoy the rush of a full throttle driving experience or jump at the opportunity to bungee from 300 feet up. This voucher is packed with an amazing range of experiences to be enjoyed in various locations…


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