Flyboarding with a water jetpack!

Fly like a water superhero with flyboarding

This exciting new water sport shoots jets of water from your boots ensuring you hover over the water - the most fun you can have on the water!

image of Flyboarding in Lincolnshire
Water Experiences

Flyboarding in Lincolnshire

Experience an aquatic thrill with a difference with Flyboarding in Lincolnshire. Using water jet technology, the Flyboard allows the user to strap into the board attached to a jet ski and use their own body movement to hover effortlessly above the water. Reach heights of around two metres, coming…

image of Flyboarding in London
Water Experiences

Flyboarding in London

Flyboarding is an innovative and unique water sport newly introduced to the UK. Get attached to a flyboard via some water jet boots to experience a sensation that can only be described as an aquatic flight. Receive a brief introduction and safety briefing on land before heading into the water with…


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