Flyboarding with a water jetpack!

Fly like a water superhero with flyboarding

This exciting new water sport shoots jets of water from your boots ensuring you hover over the water - the most fun you can have on the water!

image of Flyboarding in Cheshire
Water Experiences

Flyboarding in Cheshire

Just a few short years ago flyboarding was a futuristic dream; thanks to modern technology and innovative adrenaline junkies, that's no longer the case! Head to one of three brilliant locations and try the sport described as 'Aqua Man meets Iron Man' with the guidance of an experienced instructor.…

image of Flyboarding or Water Jet Biking at Selected Locations
Water Experiences

Flyboarding or Water Jet Biking at Selected Locations

Take to the air thanks to the water sport of superheroes. This futuristic hobby shoots riders to great heights via powerful jets of water. Choose to ascend via a Flyboard, or mix it up with a seated water jet bike. Either option allows for an adrenaline-spiking, awe-inspiring ride way above the…


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